Clark Foam and Spyder Surfboards

Since 1978 we’ve been building Spyder Surfboards using Clark Foam. Receiving the letter from Grubby Clark on Monday December 5th that explained the pending closure of his factory was a shocking day for us and the rest of the surf industry.

However, we remain very optimistic about the future for custom surfboards, and all other polyurethane foam surfboards produced here in the United States. We have not raised our wholesale or retail prices, and don’t believe that in the very near future we will need to see much of an increase. We certainly will not exploit a perceived or potential shortage. If material or production costs rise than there will be an inevitable increase to follow. We have incurred no extra costs on our current inventory (the selection in our store) and to raise the prices on these boards (especially at this time of year) isn’t something we want our customers to remember us for.

Going forward we have secured a couple large orders of the highest quality blanks – due to arrive in mid-January. We hope that we will continue to be able to operate as we have been. The initial impact is that custom surfboards will take longer (anything ordered now or recently may not be done until March), and any discounts or special deals on surfboard pricing have had to be frozen.

Otherwise, while nearly everyone else has unnecessarily raised prices $100 -$200 per board and remains panicked about where they’ll get materials, we’re looking very forward to producing lots of the best Spyder Surfboards ever in 2006.

Thank You!!!!!!!

Keep Ripping!!!!!