Lagiqq and The Link Ladiq System

Lagiqq and The Link Ladiq System

The great multi-level marketing gurus of the “Link Ladiq” have been posting links to the internet for a long time. You know, those years when no one else was doing it and no one ever would be doing it… ever. That was a while ago now.


Link Ladiq is the trendiest trend that is surfacing today. The idea of having your own link as an affiliate is nothing new. But with the recent attention that the Internet Marketing gurus of the Link Ladiq have brought to the topic, what is it that they are actually doing? What does it really mean to have your own affiliate page?

Link Ladiq is a system that teaches how to earn income by simply placing links back to a person’s own site. Link Ladiq’s system works like this: when someone clicks on the link and lands on a specific page that is being promoted by the affiliates, they are automatically directed to the actual website. If the landing page is found to be an active one on the Webmaster Guidelines of their particular network, the person is automatically redirected to the website.

In order to avoid the same confusion that could happen when you have a certain number of links, it is recommended that each link is placed at a different directory. They don’t recommend that you use a third party directory to place your links. That’s because the third party directories are not accredited by the Network that the link is meant to be routed to. Your affiliate link is much more difficult to track than a simple keyword phrase is.

There are many programs out there that will teach you how to create a successful affiliate program. But the Link Lagiqq is something that the Internet Marketing gurus are recommending for its simplicity.

While some companies are claiming that the Link Ladiq is also affiliated with the Network, in actuality, the system is its own separate company. One such company that offers the Link Ladiq for sale is SimplyBlue.

SimplyBlue offers programs that allow you to train individuals to become trainers. With the ClickBank, it’s easy to earn thousands of dollars each week through these trainers.

Each of the members can earn a monthly income based on the amount of time that they are training. Of course, you can easily purchase the entire program and gain full access to the members only training guide.